Bike Racks: Types and Applications

Bike racks are an aftermarket solution for those, who do not want to deal with constant assembly and disassembly of their bicycles in order to transport them. Bike racks differ based on the specs of the vehicle, such as body style, class, etc. Besides, some bike carriers require being mounted on roof racks or need a trailer hitch for installation.

Shopping for a bike carrier: things to consider

  • ✔ Price;
  • ✔ Number of bikes you plan to carry;
  • ✔ Vehicle roof equipment (with racks or flat roof);
  • ✔ Rear bumper specs (with or without a hitch).

When selecting a bike rack, it is a must to consider the specs of your vehicle, as the owner’s manual usually clearly state the max weight you may load on the vehicle’s roof. It is also important to pick the proper class of hitch receiver if you are interested in equipping your vehicle with a bike carrier that attaches to a hitch.

The main bike rack types

  • ✔ Roof-rack mounted bike racks;
  • ✔ Trunk-mount bike racks;
  • ✔ Hitch-mount bike racks;
  • ✔ Spare tire-mount bike racks.
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